All the changes made to Minimal Roleplay are available here, and we'll be posting all future changes as well.



[OPTIMIZATION] Remove default value from text field

[BUG] Default value reactivity

[BUG] Fix save card

[BUG] Edit character sheet

[BUG] Add card in a cards input

[OPTIMIZATION]: Prevent switch player if unsaved data in current player character sheet

[OPTIMIZATION]: Prevent switch player if unsaved data in current player character sheet

[OPTIMIZATION]: Sticky header in character sheet

[OPTIMIZATION]: Add save and stay popover on save character sheet

[BUG]: Fix visiblity names


Released · December 6, 2023

[FEATURE] Characters' sheets.

[FEATURE] Game Master screen.

[FEATURE] Game cover upload system.

[FEATURE] Game cover public gallery.

[FEATURE] Spectate Mode.

[FEATURE] Freeze.

[FEATURE] Give game master role.

[FEATURE] You can now copy a message content.

[FEATURE] You've now to reconfirm your email while changing.

[FEATURE] You can now resend your email if not confirmed.

[OPTIMIZATION] New modal for features that are coming.

[OPTIMIZATION] Notification popover is now scrollable.

[OPTIMIZATION] Better modals.

[OPTIMIZATION] New loader.

[OPTIMIZATION] Better notification identifier handler.

[OPTIMIZATION] Notifications can now stack on Android & web.

[OPTIMIZATION] Redesign of the edit message modale.

[OPTIMIZATION] Messages in tables are faster to load.

[OPTIMIZATION] Danger buttons require to be hold to work.

[BUG] Fix scroll in the context modale.

[BUG] Negative Dice modifiers are now displayed properly.

[BUG] On computer, in some cases, modales are not sticky to cursor anymore.


Released · November 15, 2023

[OPTIMIZATION] More optimized homepage.

[OPTIMIZATION] New feature module on the homepage.

[OPTIMIZATION] Bad outline on inputs is disable.

[BUG] Fix title on game creation.

[BUG] Long names are better support on game tables.

[BUG] Better titles on Register and Login mobile.


Work in progress

[BUG] In app notifications can now be closed again.


Released · November 2, 2023

[OPTIMIZATION] Better scrollbars for Firefox.

[OPTIMIZATION] Drag to scroll on games list.

[OPTIMIZATION] Faster pages transitions.

[OPTIMIZATION] Pointer on checkboxs.

[BUG] Fix OOC overflow.

[BUG] Fix messages visibility footer.

[BUG] Fix duplicate notifications.

[BUG] Fix OOC animations.

[BUG] Fix onboarding while playing on multiple games.

[BUG] Fix invitation loop after quitting a game.

0.5.0 · The lost manor

Released · November 1, 2023

[Feature] Onboarding system with single-player scenario.

[Feature] Addition of the 'CTRL' + 'Enter' command for sending messages in the OOC

[Feature] The game master can now suppress players' dice rolls

[Feature] Message input can grow in height while typing a long text.

[Feature] You're now prompt to change your username when you create an account.

[Feature] You can now display actions in "speaking" messages by surrounding your sentence with ((...)).

[Feature] OOC message input can grow in height while typing a long text.

[Feature] Add a invite players column.

[Feature] Translation system has been applied to blog articles.

[Optimization] Redesign of all site inputs

[Optimization] Redesign of all site outputs

[Optimization] No more PWA prompt.

[Optimization] Better animations on sidebars.

[Optimization] Bigger dice size.

[Optimization] Better display for long names.

[Optimization] Notifications should be delivered faster.

[BUG] Deletion of the is writing display in the ooc

[BUG] Correction of display names in the OOC

[BUG] Corrected display of dice rolls

[BUG] Correction of overflow messages

[BUG] Correction of the "Logout" text in the user profile

[BUG] Correction of an error in email confirmation

[Bug] Corrected the panels so that they close properly.

[BUG] Transactional emails are not send to unconfirmed account anymore.

[BUG] Better error while trying to use a already taken username.

[BUG] Better handle of Discord avatar in the community module.

[BUG] Fix scrollbars on Firefox.

[BUG] Fix a scroll problem on game table while clicking on a menu.


Released · October 12, 2023

[Feature] Official Apple application

[Feature] Official Google application

[Feature] Brand new homepage

[Optimization] New/bigger headers

[Optimization] Optimized header for game table


Released · September 30, 2023

[Feature] Push notification panel

[Optimization] Better handling notification

[Feature] Apple connection for iOS application

[Optimization] Optimizations for mobile apps releases

[Feature] Full autonomous account deletion

[Optimization] Removing all trackers and tier cookies (Matomo)

[Bug] Fix column header on large view

[Bug] Fix context modal height

0.4.1 · Adventure, anywhere

Released · September 20, 2023

[Feature] Minimal Roleplay has now an application!

[Feature] Minimal Roleplay has now notifications through the application

[Feature] New homepage header

[Optimization] Removing horizontal scroll on french homepage

[Optimization] Add some missing translations

[Bug] No more notification sound when you send your own message

[Bug] Fix date display below messages

[Bug] Fix is writing display on both displays

[Bug] Fix >>>>> string on dice roll

[Bug] Fix mispell in blog article.

0.4.0 · Through the 4th wall

Released · August 23, 2023

[Feature] Out of context Chat

[Optimization] When you're connected to several places at the same time, you'll have a better connection to the tables.

[Optimization] The structure of Minimal Roleplay has been revised and corrected.

0.3.5 · Le français est là !

Released · August 16, 2023

[Feature] French version

[Bug & Optimization] A really long list of bugs and optimizations of no interest to anyone.


Released · July 30, 2023

[Bug] Better reconnection after servers update. Should allow people to receive messages even if they stay in their games without updating for a long time.

[Feature] Add a server connection in games status that updates live.


Released · July 28, 2023

[Bug] HookNotifier is now working on new message.

[Bug] Join notifications are now sent only if the user is not already in the game

[Optimization] New widgets for blog posts

[Optimization] More blog post in pagination


Released · July 26, 2023

[Bug] Referal is now working when you invite someone to join your game.

[Optimization] Better messages when you try to log in by email when you've created your account with Discord and vice versa.

[Bug] The password reset e-mail is now functional.

0.3.1 · Alpha is now open to everyone!

Released · July 20, 2023

[Feature] No limit on alpha.

0.3.0 · Master your mind

Released · July 19, 2023

[Feature] Message modification

[Feature] Message deletion

[Feature] Game context edition

[Feature] Game edition

[Feature] Game deletion

[Feature] News notifications

[Feature] Quit a game as a player

[Feature] User join a game notification for game masters

[Optimization] Prevent mailing spam by sending maximum one mail every 3 days

[Optimization] Better contrast on notifications

[Optimization] Changelog is now public

[Optimization] Popover white panels now disappear when clicking inside a menu

[Optimization] Add a link to the contact form to delete your account

[Optimization] Three dots menu are removed if no action is available

[Optimization] Update image system for futures client side uploads

[Optimization] Better game pagination

[Optimization] A login button is now in the menu when you're logged out

[Bug] Fix typo errors

[Bug] A game canno't be created without name anymore

[Optimization] Games are now sort by last activity


Released · July 11, 2023

[Optimization] Receive a message while being on a table not showing a "fake" notification anymore

[Optimization] Messages notifications include the name of the game

[Optimization] Version is now displayed in the changelog module

[Optimization] Closed alpha is now unlocked at 300pts

[Optimization] Better closed alpha modale

[Bug] Fix horizontal scroll issue on homepage

[Bug] Fix duplicate messages on slow connections

[Bug] Fix a bug that can generate multiple notification after a login in the hub

[Bug] Fix a padding in the hub

0.2.0 · Closed Alpha release

Released · July 10, 2023

[Feature] Single column view on computer

[Feature] Coming soon modal

[Feature] Closed alpha modal

[Feature] All legals pages

[Optimization] Simple dice

[Optimization] Optimized modal on mobile

[Optimization] Cookie consent

[Optimization] Discord link in the profile

[Optimization] Better scrollbar

[Bug] Better scrollbar

[Bug] Many small fixes


Released · July 07, 2023

[Feature] HookNotifier integration for push notifications

[Feature] Notifications management

[Optimization] Pagination loader

[Optimization] Add small closing marker on mobile modals ( — )

[Optimization] Swipe to close on players sidebar

[Optimization] Larger notification panel on cell phones for better fit with resolution

[Optimization] Switch share inputs to readonly

[Optimization] Add a click to move on table list

[Optimization] New error page

[Optimization] Changelog block in the hub

[Optimization] Create legal mentions & privacy policy

[Optimization] Scroll to top when page change

[Bug] Fix mobile visibility icon opacity

[Bug] Fix table list padding

[Bug] Fix pagination

[Bug] Fix visibility button disappearance

[Bug] Fix title bug on page change


Released · July 06, 2023

[Optimization] Better notifications

[Optimization] Dice size review

[Optimization] Change dice display to avoid glitching

[Optimization] Redesign of dice summary (max-width, algo change and tooltip)

[Optimization] Remove the ability to select on dice selectors to avoid text highlighting

[Optimization] Fix dice message, more contrast, delete bad padding

[Bug] Fix color wheel on dice collection

[Optimization] Context dedicated icon

[Optimization] New Kick player label

[Optimization] Review of table creation middleware, layouts and urls.

[Optimization] Redesign of dashboard urls -> Hub

[Optimization] Modifying hub layouts

[Optimization] Modification of connected header (addition of hub)

[Bug] Fix column height while no message

[Bug] Fix is-writing sockets when coming from hub

[Optimization] Change visibility to display first two letters

[Bug] Fix visibility now displays ALL at the right time.

[Feature] Add selected players to the visibility button

[Bug] Suppress notifications if the player is connected to the table

[Optimization] Improved notification popup

[Feature] In-house testing of a telephone notification system (Hook.Notifier)

[Optimization] Dice roll interface for mobile

[Optimization] New design for modals

[Optimization] Players can now see the game context

[Optimization] Players can now see other players list on mobile


Released · July 05, 2023

[Optimization] Better notifications

[Optimization] Notifications in browser tab

[Bug] Fix toast in table

[Bug] Fix auto scroll to bottom in table

[Bug] Fix new message animation

[Bug] Fix player header in table columns

[Optimization] New popover for header

[Bug] Fix logout problem on mobile

[Optimization] Refresh datas when back on table browser tab

[Optimization] Gradient behind player headers


Released · July 02, 2023

[Feature] Edit player nicknames.

[Feature] Game context can be opened at any time.

[Feature] Add a mobile sidebar for various actions (kick a player, change nickname, etc.).

[Bug] Display the date on the first message of a table.

[Bug] Correction of responsive loading screen.

[Bug] Fixing table height on mobile.

[Bug] Text field in table not at right height.

[Bug] Redirection when cancelling a discord connection is not good.

0.1.0 · Friends Release

Released · June 29, 2023

Official Friends Release

A new
is about to begin.

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